Make one of the most important days of your life extra special and preserve it for future generations.

vintage filter film tone style of : Prewedding  lover

Who is Vintage Super 8 for?

  • For those who have fallen in love with anything vintage.

  • For those who love film.

  • For those looking for something different than long boring wedding videos.

  • For those who like the fun visuals of Super 8.

  • For those who care about their legacy.

  • For those who appreciate fine arts.

Shooting on Super 8 already includes the following benefits:

  • Your wedding will automatically stand out from other weddings, because there are only a small group of videographers who are willing and have the expertise to shoot on actual film. You will automatically be among the elite within the vintage lifestyle.
  • You wedding will have the same look and feel of the family movies you may have seen when you were younger from your grandparents effectively bridging both generations. It will also have the same feel of classic movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood films.
  • Many people shy away from big digital cameras and only smile because they think they have to. This is not so with Super 8 cameras, people generally see how small the camera is and feel instant curiosity and make it a point to be seen on the camera. This brings with them natural smiles and sometimes make them show their fun side by making clever antics.
  • Fineartsfilm does not want to be a “Jack of all trades, master of none”. We do not work with digital cameras, we only work exclusively with super 8 film cameras. We believe specializing only in Super 8 film will yield the highest quality possible for yourself.
  • A mutually chosen date before the wedding for the discussion and planning of activities to prevent any potential difficulties of filming.
  • Fineartsfilms will not limit the coverage of the wedding activities on a single day. This means the activities of getting ready for the bride, the ceremony and the reception will get coverage as long as they don’t exceed 12 hours.
  • Technology makes it possible to shoot exclusively on film and still enjoy viewing your wedding in digital format without loosing what makes film so special. All packages include a DVD copy of wedding activities.
  • The complete negative reel of all the footage of the wedding activities will be yours to keep for safe keeping and preservation for the enjoyment of future generations. The reel can last up to 50 years.
  • A digital 3 to 5 minute music video with the song of your choice that can be shown to your friends and family instantly.


 Local packages start at $4000 and always include a custom basket with surprises!

Please inquire prices for fashion shoots and commercials.


Destination Weddings

We travel all over the world! Our cameras are easy to carry and you may qualify for special discounts depending wedding date and your location. We have limited spaces available, contact us as soon as possible! 

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