Build your legacy

Family with children  receiving gifts under Christmas tree.

Your about to start an adventure with the love of your life by your side. There will be all sorts of thrills and emotions as you start growing together in this new facet of life. You will buy a lovely house together, filled perhaps with all sorts of vintage decorations. Friends and family will come often to gather around and share the joy on the good times and to support you both on the difficult times. In this house a baby will take it’s first steps; followed more than likely by a second one. You will see them grow inch by inch as they romp around in the house. As you both look at them playing, the two of you look at each other and realize your building something beautiful.

Maybe now you understand the importance of all those old family movies that you saw of your parents and grandparents. Not the ones that were staged; but the ones the flowed naturally, with big smiles showing up on the screen as they had fun on those special moments. They convey the history of past generations with pride. Now it’s your turn to take the lead and to leave something for future generations, starting with your own children. It can all start from the beginning, from the day you both say “I do”.

Film preservationists would prefer that the film images be eventually transferred to other film stock; since no digital media exists that has proven truly archival to preserve movies shot on film or digital because of rapidly evolving and shifting data formats. While it’s “more economical” to shoot on digital cameras, it’s far more expensive and challenging to preserve them. In contrast a well-developed and stored, modern film print can last upwards of 100 years and can be transferred to any media format.

Super 8 film is the best way to start documenting your journey. Not only is the best way to preserve your history, it’s also the most fun. It has the vintage flair, friends and guest are naturally drawn and smile to it by curiosity and nostalgia. It shows class and it can be as glamorous as anything seen on a Gatsby party. It’s not invasive which is the number one complaint Brides and wedding guest have of videographers with big and fancy equipment that distract from the wedding ceremony.

Fine Arts Film specializes in capturing gorgeous and fun weddings. Ideal for those with who still appreciate the elegance, specialty and unique aesthetics that only shooting on film can provide. It’s also for those who are a fans overall of the vintage lifestyle and have worked hard collecting fashionable vintage clothing, memorabilia or simply enjoy feeling nostalgic for an era where people stopped a bit more longer to enjoy and smell the roses.